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Being Thankful, Day 1


Recently, I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking about being thankful for what I have, and grateful for the little things that make life so special. Last week, I read an awesome post about ways to teach gratitude and a thankful lifestyle to your children. Now I don’t know anything about the lady who wrote this, but she gives some awesome daily activities to do with your children that help instill a gracious attitude.

I had already been thinking about keeping a gratitude journal, but haven’t ever started and then the lady in the post mentioned 1,000 entries. I’m not sure why 1,000 is an important number, but I like a challenge, and this challenges me. That’s about 3 entries a day for 1 whole year. It doesn’t seem like much does it? I guess we’ll find out!

This put me to looking for a little journal I could keep with me at all times so I can jot something down in the moment. Then I realized how expensive nice little journals are. I decided I didn’t want to spend $5-$7 on a blank little book, and Scott ALWAYS has them laying around so he decided to give me one of his cherished pocket-sized journals!

This is what he gave me:


Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE Star Wars, but not as much as Scott. Also, this is his limited edition Moleskin. Usually, he won’t even purchase Moleskin brand journals because they are so expensive, but we found a great deal on this one. It was the only blank one he had, and he made me promise I would actually use it before I took it.

That being said, I just couldn’t take it from him. Plus, since this is a journal about being thankful, I want the outside to reflect what’s on the inside. Black just doesn’t send out the same message as a bright cheery color does it? 😊

Then I realized I already carry the perfect journal with me everywhere I go. My iPhone! Plus, I can blog from it! Since I want to encourage others to be more grateful, and I would also like some accountability, this is the perfect medium for that! Everyday, before I go to bed, I’m going to post my Thankful items. My post will be titled something like today’s title. It will usually only have a list of my items. I know I can list so many more things each day, but I will try to only list 2-5 items. i will also try not to list all of the super obvious things. (Just know that things like God and family are always on the list!) Sometimes I may elaborate, sometimes I may not, but feel free to ask me about my items!

To start off my list of 1,000 things I’m thankful for here is Day 1:
1. A generous husband. (How fortunate am I to be married to someone so generous?!)
2. Healthy kids. Jackson has missed an entire week of PreK because of bronchitis this week. He’s finally feeling better and it really shows. It makes me realize how fortunate we are to be a generally healthy family.
3. Cooler temperatures. Today we didn’t hit 90! I think this is the 2nd cool front we’ve received this fall, but this is the first one that’s made a big difference. The weather really is starting to feel like fall!
4. Awesome technology. I love that we live in a day where we have such incredible means of communication and that I am fortunate enough to posses some of this incredible technology!


Technology Dilemma?


This morning, as I woke up and went through my morning ritual of checking facebook and twitter from bed, on my phone, I ran across this blog post that was tweeted by a friend.  It immediately caught my attention because I was doing exactly what the blogger was talking about!  Last night, in my post, I mentioned how I gave up my phone time in the evenings while my son is awake.  When I read this, I realized it wasn’t just about giving it up for a couple of hours a day, I need to give it up a lot more.  For the same reasons I mentioned last night, I realized I need to axe the phone time when I’m with other people.  It used to annoy me so much when my husband would be on his iPhone at a restaurant, now it is common for us both to be at the same table, on our phones at the same time.  What is this doing to our relationship with each other and our son? It makes me wonder.  I’m sure I’m not the only person with this problem because I see it everyday at restaurants and other places.  I really recommend you read this article by Rachel Mary Stafford.  Then, put it into action.  Don’t miss out on your relationships!

How To Miss A Childhood

After all, who would want to miss a moment like this?