S’more Fun!

S’more Fun!


This year, my 1st-grade son became a Cub Scout!  He’s working hard to finish his Tiger requirements and having fun along the way.  He has competed in a few different challenges and even won 1st place in his den’s Pine Wood Derby!  He is so proud of his accomplishments!  12573760_10100572282653481_2533930199476797475_n

Last week, his pack had a S’more Bake Off.  The Scoutmaster challenged him to bake S’more cookies and gave him this recipe from Bakerita.  He knocked it out of the park, and won 2nd place!  I helped a little, but not much.  These cookies are now some of my favorites to bake!  I’ve included 3 tips below, but please, head on over to Bakerita & bake her S’mores Cookies!

  1. Refrigerate the dough a couple hours until it is firm and chilled through.
  2. Roll the chilled dough into balls and then roll the entire ball in the graham cracker crumbs (like you do a snickerdoodle) before topping with extra mallow bits & chocolate.
  3. The Jet Puffed Mallow Bits were hard for me to find.  They were next to the hot chocolate in my grocery store, so if you can’t find them with the other marshmallows, check the hot chocolate aisle!

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