Being Thankful (Days 17-22)


Wow! I’m really behind in posting from my little book!! Lets see how many I can post from my list right now!

Day 17
50. Fun work environment
51. “The calm after the storm.”

Day 18 10-23-2012
52. Scott! Today is our 8th anniversary! It doesn’t seem that long ago, but it also seems a lifetime away. I feel really blessed for these years and hope to have many many more.
53. One of the reasons why I feel so blessed is how generous Scott is!
54. Date nights! It just good to go out and have fun without having a little one to take care of!

Day 19 10-24-12
55. Extra work! This means a bigger paycheck and more fun at the preschool!
56. Wednesday Bible class.

Day 20
57. Honesty
58. Fun family nights out. It’s also fun to take Jackson out to just have a fun evening!

Day 21
59. Jana Alayra DVDs! The kids LOVE her music! I think it’s pretty fun too. She has some great songs for kids with some really good messages.
60. Great co-workers. Not everyone can say this, but I work with a GREAT group of ladies!
61. Warm clothes. It’s fall and the temps are occasionally cooler. On those days I am so thankful I have been blessed with warm clothing.

Day 22 10-27-12
62. Contemplative time alone. Sometimes a person just needs that time alone to think.
63. Time to bake! I lOVE this time!!
64. Parties!!! Who doesn’t love a fun party with fire?!?!


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