Being Thankful Days 13 – 16


Day 13
38. Silly Preschool Banter- I can’t always tell what they are saying, but when they really get going, it’s so much fun!
39. Free Mornings (minus Mon & Weds) With my free mornings, I often get to hang out at the building and work on this or that, or clean. Something gets done and I like how flexible it allows me to be.
40. Incredible weather- I LOVE the weather at this time of the year. It’s not hot, and it’s not cold. It’s just right!

Day 14
41. A college education. I am thankful I was able to go to a great university (Oklahoma State) and learn. It’s interesting to think about how different my life would possibly be if I had not gone to OSU.
42. Friends who “look out” for me! I have some great friends who are always trying to help me out in one way or another and I am so thankful for that!
43. 4 Seasons. Have you figured out my favorite season? Now that we live inTX it’s fall. The temperature is near perfect! In Oklahoma my favorite season is spring bc of severe weather, but we rarely get that here, so my 2nd favorite season became my first! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Day 15
44. Godly parents. Today is my parents 34th wedding anniversary. They are a great example for so many different reasons, but probably one of the most noticeable reasons is the way they are an example of how to love each other no matter the circumstance.
45. A loving church family. This morning we said goodbye to a dear brother in Christ. His widow has no family in this part of the country. Today I saw a church family being just that, a real family. It was beautiful.
46. College football.

Day 16
47. Meals with friends. There is something special about eating with people. I think Jesus may have been in to something… ๐Ÿ˜‰
48. Craft Time!
49. Good neighbors. Juno has ran off 3 nights in a row when I let her out one last time before bed. This usually starts a rowdy chorus of dogs barking late at night. If the neighbors are annoyed, they haven’t said anything, but I’m going to start taking her on a leash at night so she can’t get away!


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