Being Thankful Days 5 – 12


Yikes! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything from my journal! Here is my list from the past several days! Look how much it’s grown!! 37 items and counting!!!

Day 5
14. Hand sanitizer & gloves. I work at a preschool, enough said!

15. An over abundance of everything! For example, clothing. We have so much more than we need. We’re very blessed.

16. Help sorting & organizing clothes! My MIL helped sort out and change Jackson’s clothing drawers. It was hard work!

Day 6
16. Helpful desk clerks. We were given a smoking room at the hotel. The desk clerk volunteered some odor neutralizing spray and it really helped. He didn’t want to put us in a smoking room but had no choice! Him being such a nice guy really made it better.

17. Awesome Internet recipes. I find some amazing recipes and cake ideas online. One of my favorite recipes has been the peanut butter pancakes I make!! Yummy yummy yummy!!!

18. Rain! It rained a little today. Ok it down poured but it was nice! Our ground is so dry, we welcome the moisture!

19. Awesome class. I have an awesome 2 year old class. It rained all afternoon when they normally go outside, but they didn’t complain at all about staying in. They are great!

Day 7
20. Fun times away! It’s ACL Fest weekend, what more can I say?!

21. Late nights downtown. After we left the festival, Scott & I decided to catch a really late movie (10:30 late). So we walked around with amazing temps in downtown Austin. Found an awesome Mexican restaurant and then walked to my favorite downtown coffee shop! Oh yeah, then we watched a great movie! Date nights are fun!

22. Friendly people. One thing that drew us to this area is all of the friendly people we ran into in Austin every year at ACL. We have not been disappointed in the almost 3 years we’ve lived here. Everyone is so friendly in this part of Texas.

Day 8
23. Restful nights. After getting in so late and walking/standing so much yesterday, I’m thankful for a super restful night!

24. Big band aids! After a minor wardrobe malfunction yesterday, I needed some larger band aids to make the festival a lot less painful, and Target had a nice selection!

25. Rain and cool temps! It rained a lot today! It made the festival muddy and I’m sure a good chunk of grass at Zilker will need replaced, but the weather was incredible! 😊

Day 9
26. Renewing rest.

27. Encouraging worship. Worship this morning in Austin was great! The sermon was also really good and made me do some thinking.

28. Fun times! This weekend is always a highlight of our year! We always have such a great time and have tons of fun listening to the bands.

29. Safe travels. It’s always fun to go, but it’s even better when traveling without any problems!

Day 10
30. A clean house. It’s so much better coming home to a clean house instead of a mess. It really helped having my inlaws stay while we were gone.

31. Awesome inlaws. Scott’s mom and stepdad are awesome. That’s just te best description. I am truly blessed to have them!

32. Picnics at the park! Jackson and I had a blast eating a happy meal and playing at the park this evening!

Day 11
33. More rain!!! It rained ALOT today! Yay!!!

34. A Great Boss. My boss makes a great work environment for us and helps make preschool work fun!

Day 12
35. Ladies Bible class. These ladies are such an inspiration to me and great examples.

36. School pictures. These are so fun! Jackson got his school pictures in today!

37. An Awesome Church Family. Our church family is simply great. They are always willing to help out however needed and volunteer to go above and beyond what needs done. Awesome!


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