Being Thankful, Day 3 & Day 4


Look what I found and decorated already!

Have you found a journal yet?

Day 3
8. Energetic & Enthusiastic Preschoolers! These kiddos keep me going and today was no exception. I love it when they are super enthusiastic about an activity I have planned!
9. Quiet time This usually happens during nap time at te preschool. I usually get a nice quiet block of time to reflect and connect with God.

Day 4
10. 11. & 12. Wreck, insurance & body shop About 2 weeks ago we were involved in an accident. Everyone was okay, but our Edge was quite damaged where the lady hit us. We were able to pick up our car today! The Ford Body Shop in LaGrange was awesome. They did a great job fixing our car and were finished ahead of schedule! Yay! Plus, our car looks great again and we didn’t have to pay a dime! We were quite hesitant about dealing with the lady’s insurance company, but even the claim handler was great and Ford already has a check! I’m thankful for no one being hurt, the very friendly & hassle free insurance people, and an awesome body shop!
13. Family visits Scott’s mom and step dad made it in today! I’m thankful for their safe drive, the time we get to spend with them, and also the memories they will make with Jackson!


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