He Never Disappoints


Recently, I was disappointed.  I wasn’t disappointed in myself, although that happens quite often, but I was disappointed when something didn’t turn out the way I thought it should.  That got me to thinking.  

I started thinking about all of the things that have disappointed me.  Usually it’s something I have done or said that disappoints myself.  I know better, but I do or say it anyway.  It’s disappointing because I know I am better than whatever I did or said.  Therefor, I disappoint myself.  Sometimes it’s my job, or my friends.  Sometimes it’s my husband, or a certain situation.  Whatever or whoever does the disappointing, it never feels good.

My mind usually doesn’t stay in the same place for too awfully long.  I have all kinds of thoughts just racing around in there.  It’s unusual if there isn’t a million ideas trying to come out at once.  So after I thought about the things that disappoint me, I tried to think of things that do not disappoint me.  The one and only think I could think of was a given, but I never really realized it is the ONLY thing that doesn’t disappoint.  Kids, relationships, the Church, jobs, books, and movies, they all can disappoint you.  I could only come up with one thing that cannot and will not disappoint you. If you haven’t figured it out, I’ll make it easy: God.  

God never disappoints.  God NEVER disappoints.  That idea is so calming.  God never disappoints.  Even now, thinking about how perfectly true this is, I get a smile on my face.  No matter what is going on in my life or in the world around me, God will never disappoint me.  No matter how many problems are thrown in my path or how much I am hurt, God will never disappoint me.  

In the darkest times, He’s there lighting my way.  In the happy times, He’s there rejoicing with me.  In the sad times, He wipes the tears away.  He is always there to help me through whatever the situation.  He never disappoints.  In Him, there is no evil.  He doesn’t cause the bad things to happen.  He never disappoints.  Disappointment comes from some inadequacy, or failure.  He is perfect, never failing, all knowing, all powerful.  God will never disappoint.


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