Technology Dilemma?


This morning, as I woke up and went through my morning ritual of checking facebook and twitter from bed, on my phone, I ran across this blog post that was tweeted by a friend.  It immediately caught my attention because I was doing exactly what the blogger was talking about!  Last night, in my post, I mentioned how I gave up my phone time in the evenings while my son is awake.  When I read this, I realized it wasn’t just about giving it up for a couple of hours a day, I need to give it up a lot more.  For the same reasons I mentioned last night, I realized I need to axe the phone time when I’m with other people.  It used to annoy me so much when my husband would be on his iPhone at a restaurant, now it is common for us both to be at the same table, on our phones at the same time.  What is this doing to our relationship with each other and our son? It makes me wonder.  I’m sure I’m not the only person with this problem because I see it everyday at restaurants and other places.  I really recommend you read this article by Rachel Mary Stafford.  Then, put it into action.  Don’t miss out on your relationships!

How To Miss A Childhood

After all, who would want to miss a moment like this?


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  1. I so agree. By no means was I a perfect Mom, but at least we didn't have the technology "distraction" that parents have now. I've often witnessed it in restaurants, too, and it always strikes me as so odd – to go out to eat with your family and not say a word. Cherish each moment you have with Jackson – you know the ones where he still likes to be with you!

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